Straight on at roundabout

What am I on about?
August 4, 2009, 7:08 pm
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Riding my bike is my hobby.  Riding it long distances is my obsession.

For anyone not familiar with the world of Audax riding a visit to is a good place to start.  There you can see details of tens of rides that happen every weekend all over the UK.  There are rides varying in distance from 50km to 600km or even more.

It works, like this.  You sign up for a ride and pay a pathetic sum of about £3 and you get sent a route sheet.  Then you turn up at the appointed hour on the designated day at a remote rural village hall somewhere and meet a bunch of other riders.  You’ll be given a ‘brevet’ card and you ride your bike.

The route has to be ridden between a maximum (no racing!) and a minimum speed – the time limit is generous enough to allow tea stops and even the odd snooze on a bus shelter if needed.  And to ensure that you have ridden the right distance you have to get your card stamped at certain points (usually a tea shop somewhere).

And that’s it.  Well apart from the fact that you get to meet some interesting people and to see some of the most amazing parts of the country.

And the routesheet?  Ah, well that takes some getting used to.  It’s written in a funny sort of code that simply tells you, step by step, where to go.  R@T means turn right when you get to a T-junction, R@T (effectively SO) means “this road ends on the corner of another road, you’ll be turning right, but really you’re going straight on” and SO at RAB means… Straight on at the next roundabout…

Log on to the Audax site and find a ride to try out…we might meet up ‘up the road’


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